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Literacy Act – Theatre Workshops

The free theatre workshops are part of a European Erasmus project called ‘ Literacy Act’ which will last for 2 years and involves 5 partner countries: Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany.

The main aim to promote Theatre community and Theatre education in adult migrants so as to enhance social cultural and linguistic skills whilst helping them become included in the local community.

Our centre, ULearn Education, is a fully licensed training and language centre for children adolescents and adults.
We have been active partners in many Erasmus programmes aiming to foster solidarity, collaboration, respect and humanitarian assistance between the communities.

We, as partners of the above Erasmus project, have been delegated to organize free theatre workshops for the local community.
These will be curated by dramaturg Marios Ioannou and are an escape from this reality, journeying us towards different ones – both redemptive and repulsive.

The main goals are inclusivity, creativity, knowledge and group discussions. These will equip participants to bond, gain confidence, become more aware of certain issues and obtain key social and linguistic skills.

Throughout this series of workshops adult participants or older teens will be able to advance their technical skills, master their voice, body movements and gestures to transmit a message or re-enact an image. Communication skills within the group will be enhanced, boosting self-confidence levels as well. Social and cultural skills will be cultivated throughout the workshop within the materials that will be used, and through the interaction of the multi-racial participants. Linguistically, English will be promoted as the main language of communication – aiming to help participants retrieve language information, learn new vocabulary and express themselves. (In cases where this is not possible, physical movements and body language will be encouraged). All the workshops will raise various topics that are up for debate and group reflection.

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