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learn chinese - Private Institute in LimassolBeing able to speak Chinese will open doors for your career – you can apply to more interesting jobs; qualify for higher positions and higher pay. Being able to speak Mandarin will open doors for your travels – you’ll be able to meet the locals, talk to new friends, immerse yourself in China. Learning Chinese will also open doors for being your own boss – China is a relative newcomer to the modern economy, with many areas still underdeveloped and opportunities galore for the entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in working for a multinational firm, or dealing with international relations, or even just living overseas, you already understand the benefits of knowing another language. But even if you aren’t specifically interested in China, chances are good the company that you work for does or the company that your company works for does. So WHY LIMIT YOURSELF?

Learn Chinese and the benefits will be endless!

General Chinese  (20-30-40 Hours)

A complete course programme for understanding, speaking and communicating in Chinese. For students who have never learnt Chinese before or need to use it in every day situations and transactions in real life.

Tailor-made course according to the students’ needs, expectations and work commitments.  In house training programmes available.
(Possible Subsidy for companies by HRDAuth)

Learn Chinese ONLINE via SKYPE

An online course programme that enables students to learn Chinese, Anywhere!  Anytime!

Book our online lessons and learn to speak, understand and write Chinese!